Writing into The Void: Writing in the Social Age

                George R.R. Martin is a man known for many things; being an acclaimed author with a career that spans both genres and decades, running a show and overseeing its script until he feels safe in its production and watching the ensuing conflagration in faint horror from a distance, complex worldbuilding that both mirrors andContinue reading “Writing into The Void: Writing in the Social Age”

Books for 2021

The year is entering the home stretch, and honestly a fair amount of people are likely ready to turn the page on this dark chapter of our lived experience. So let’s slide into that next chapter with something a bit lighter than what came before because honestly I think we could all use something ofContinue reading “Books for 2021”


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About Me

I’m Caitilin and I would like to Mentor your Quest

mentor is an experienced, trusted and wise person who imparts knowledge. As a fictional archetype, a mentor usually serves to provide guidance to the protagonist, having a key role in shaping their character development and self-realization along their journey.

My goal is not only to log my journey through becoming an ICF certified Life Coach through this blog, but to hopefully impart my own lessons from my lived experiences along the way.

The aim of my practice is to provide a new perspective for life’s challenges through the lens of fictional archetypes and genre, interrogating both the genre as a whole and the social truisms we build up around them in order to create a new path forward. Blending both real life philosophies and practices with the trappings of fiction, the goal is to help Adventurers find their own realizations while giving them the tools to act on it.

Because not every journey needs to be taken alone.

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